wolfX: collaborations

With my fourth book, I’m once again experimenting with the idea of a book–what it is, what it can be, to whom it belongs.

My first book experimentation was in 2015. Through the course of the year, I wrote, presented, then destroyed the novel Ghostmaker. The question that was being explored: How does a book survive? Is it the book, or even the exact content in the book, or is it in how readers (and listeners) remember, reinterpret, and rewrite the experience of the book?

wolfX is not a side project of my name is wolf, but an essential ingredient of the whole. I wanted to see how a book can grow beyond and away from the pages when put into the hands and minds of other artists freely.

Artists and writers working in different forms, genres, and medium have been given unique sets, EPs, made of pieces from the book to work with.

wolfX Ana Chaidez

wolfX Peter Woods

wolfX Melora Walters

wolfX Kate Crash

wolfX Pookie

wolfX Hari Alluri

wolfX Stephanie Green Smith

wolfX Jenuine

wolfX Boom California

wolfX AALR

wolfX Cutleaf